Teams – new features for April 2020

Microsoft is about to roll out new features for Teams.

You likely saw last week that Microsoft introduced new backgrounds for meetings, likely to combat Zoom’s popularity. Microsoft really needs to add more than 4 people on screen at one time, but we hear this is coming soon.

New features coming this April:

  • Raise hands in meetings – I hope this extends to live events so we can have more than one person on screen able to grab control
  • Multi-chat window
  • End meeting for all participants – this has just been release
  • More settings for organizers once a meeting is in progress
  • Downloading of a participant report once a meeting has finished
  • New policy to enforce lobby settings for external users
  • New policies around creating and joining meetings. You will be able to stop everyone being able to create meetings. If the user does not have the create meeting option, when they join meetings the meeting will not start until someone with this privilege joins

And finally coming for May 2020 we have more than 4 people on video within a Teams meeting.

Full details:

We are increasing the number of participants who can be viewed simultaneously on the Teams meeting stage from 4 to 9. This new experience optimizes for attendees who have enabled video and places the remaining audio-only participants below the meeting stage. To provide a high audio and video quality experience, the layout logic will consider user bandwidth and alter the number of videos shown to provide the best meeting experience. We’ll be gradually rolling this out to customers near the end of April and expect the rollout to be completed in early May.