DrivePool – Alternative to Storage Spaces

As you all probably know, I’ve had a lot of problems with storage spaces. Many of these issues are from not knowing how to correctly configure storage spaces. Specific settings need to be enabled in order to get the most out of your array. The wrong setting can heavily impact your read/write speed, which is what many of the comments have been about. It struck me that there had to be a better application for doing this. This is where we come to DrivePool (This isn’t sponsored – I just love this application).

I have a simple media server at home. I wanted a way to combine disks without using a full-on approach like storage spaces. I did quite a bit of research where I came across and tested a great tool called DrivePool.


DrivePool allows you to configure spare disks on your system to create a redundant storage pool. It’s very flexible.

All my disks were formatted with NTFS. Some of the disk even had existing data on them. That’s actually fine (not recommended, but fine non the less). There are a number of different options to use. For example, I can say that my d:\downloads folder is not duplicated for redundancy, but other folders are. You can set how to balance the disks etc.

The application is very flexible.

What you get is a pool created out of your existing disks that don’t have to be formatted, which can have mixed file systems (NTFS with ReFS).

I am very impressed by this program and highly recommend it. I have purchased a license – it is very affordable. Find out more at


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