The attempted operation failed. An Object could not be found Outlook

When selecting Rules and Alerts from the home page of Outlook, you will receive this error.

This can actually be caused by a number of issues, such as:

  • Corrupt rules
  • Broken search folders
  • Corrupt Outlook profile

To fix this issue, try the following (in order of less destructive)

  1. Run Outlook.exe /cleanrules from the command line. This will remove all rules from Outlook and Exchange.
  2. Delete all search folders and create a default search folder with Unread mail as the default
  3. Re-create the Outlook profile. This is a last resort, but in most cases will work. This indicates something wrong with the local configuration of the Outlook profile


2 thoughts on “The attempted operation failed. An Object could not be found Outlook”

  1. Creating a new profile should be the first thing you do, not the last. Creating a new profile does not delete or remove data whereas clearing your rules does, and you will have to recreate them (or restore them) whether or not it fixes your issue. In my case I was unable to export my rules (and I have a lot of them) so the first step – deleting them – was NOT an option. Simply creating a new profile alongside my existing one not only fixed my issue but I lost no data and did not have to recreate any rules. Really, you should swap 1 and 3… In troubleshooting you should always start with the most simplistic approach then move on to processes that require data deleting or removal. Troubleshooting 101.

    1. Not all rules are stored in Exchange. If you have lots of rules, like I did, some of these would be lost on profile creation. Hence leaving it until last.

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